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A warm welcome awaits you at Toys 'N' Trends in Tankerton, Kent. Toys 'N' Trends is a little shop with a big heart. Just step through our doors into a world of colour and excitement. Take time to browse and feel free to ask questions and get advice. Many treasures lie waiting to be discovered but do not fear - you won't be asked to pay a King's ransom for them! We sell a good range of toys that offer interest, delight and value for money.

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Great news! At Toys 'N' Trends we offer exciting fun and creative parties in a specially dedicated room at our toyshop in Tankerton, Kent. Our parties have delighted children and parents alike. One happy boy declared that it was the "Best Party Ever!!" whilst a delighted parent proclaimed it was probably "the best party venue in the UK" for Lego fans. Choose from the following:

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